Senhata Formation
Late Miocene, Chiba Prefecture, Japan
ver. 4.1

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Kyonan, Chiba prefecture is one of the most famous locality in Japan. The horizon of the site is situated in the east-west direction, more than 2 Km in length, 1to 2 m in width and probably more than 10 m in depth, and occures vertically. Most of the fossil producing site occures in a low range of wooded hills. Near from this site, we can see a beautiful sea in the east direction. The site yields a variety of shark teeth and other remains such as elephant fish, whales, shells and sea urchins.

Hexanchus griseus/nakamurai

Squalus sp.

Dalatias lica

Squatina sp.

Odontaspis sp., Carcharias sp.

Isurus hastalis

Isurus oxyrinchus / paucus

Isurus sp.

Paratodus benedeni

Carcharocles megalodon

Scyliorhinus sp.

Hemipristis serra/elongatus

Triakid or Hemigaleid


Sphyrna sp.


Ischyodus dolloi Leriche, 1902

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