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Order Squaliformes GOODRICH, 1909
Family Squalidae BONAPARTE, 1834
Genus Centrophoroides DAVIS, 1887

Centrophoroides appendiculatus (AGASSIZ, 1843): Maastrichtian, Maastricht, the Lichtenberg-horizon, Netherlands

3.9 mm H

Megasqualus / Squalus

Genus Megasqualus HERMAN, 1982

Megasqualus orpiensis WINKLER, 1874/ Squalus crenatidens ARAMBOURG, 1952: Paleocene, Woolwich Bottom Bed, Kent, England
11 mm W

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Genus Squalus LINNAEUS, 1758

Squalus mitsukurii Jordan et Snyder, 1903: a female of 108 cm TL from Tokyo Bay caught at the depth of 200 m: Futotunozame, Shortspine spurdog

Squalus serriculus JORDAN et HANNIBAL, 1923/ S. occidentalis: Middle Miocene, Temblor Formation, Shark tooth Hill, Backersfield, Kern Coutnty, California

Squalus smithi HERMAN, 1982: Middle Eocene, Brussel Sand Formation, Belgium

2.8 mm W

Squalus crenatidens ARAMBOURG, 1952/ Megasqualus orpiensis WINKLER, 1874: Paleocene (Thanetian), Aquia Formation, Belevidere Beach, King Georges County, Virginia

8 mm W

Squalus huntensis CASE et CAPPETTA, 1997: Maestrichitian, Kemp Clay, near Commerce, Hunt County, Texas

2.9 mm W

Squalus sp.: Coniacian, Ashizawa Formation, Futaba Group, Fukushima Prefecture, Japan

5.3 mm W

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