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An extinct shark Isurus hastalis has been widely found from various localities in the Miocene of Japan. This page shows summarized production patterns of the species Isurus hastalis and Isurus planus from eight localities in the Cenozoic era of Japan. The production of Isurus hastalis from all these localities is confirmed while Isurus planus is found from three localities in the Middle Miocene. Isurus hastalis is known as a species mainly from the Miocene however it is also found from two localities in the Oligocene and the Pliocene of Japan. Occurrences of Isurus planus have been reported from many localities in the middle Miocene of Japan. Among those localities, the Hokuriku group of Noto is well known. Here, I report on the production of the species from two other Middle Miocene localities. Abundant production of Isurus planus is also known from the Middle Miocene of Bakerfs Field (the STH fauna), U.S.A.

Late Miocene, Kyonan

Late Miocene, Taiwa

Middle Miocene, Nagahama

Middle Miocene, Kuzubukuro

Middle Miocene, Sekinohana (Hokuriku group)

Early Miocene, Ichisi

Oligocene, Ashiya

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